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Customer Visiting Report – Alex Hung

A Visit of customers in China Mainland from North to South in December, 2020

On Dec., 1st, 2020, I arrived in Shanghai Pudong Airport, after going through strict COVID-19 test, I started 3 days quarantine in a hotel in Shanghai, then another 11 days quarantine in a hotel in Danyang. From Dec., 15, I started visiting customers in this city, wearing the face mask during all the visits.

Afterwards I visited customers in Henan Province, Hebei Province, Wuhan City, Fuzhou City, Quanzhou City and Shanghai. Some nice photos during the trip are shared.

The traveling during this visit was smooth although needed to wear the mask all the time (except meals and in my hotel room). The feedback from most customers about their business in 2020 was positive and I could hear that some of them are growing in a good direction by upgrading their production facilities and extend their business in new areas.